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Welcome to the Chuck Thomas website. This site attempts to combine some information about my personal and professional lives. For my personal side, there is a section on my family, where you can learn a bit about them and see their pictures. There is a section on personal interests, where you will find some of my interests explored, including such topics as technology, sports, travel and “fun stuff”. There is a commentary, some blog-like mini-articles I’ve written on occasion.

For my professional side, there is a summary of my consulting interests and my qualifications. You can also find a relatively complete, but summarized description of my working experiences, plus a section on my education and other professional background information. Some of my current and recent past involvements - consulting, helping former students with their business startups, and business and personal advisory activities - are briefly described. If you wish, you can also get a printable copy of my current resume.

There is some information here about the courses I have taught at Penn State University and at The Philadelphia Center. If you are one of my students, I hope any insight that you gain helps you to navigate your education and career even more successfully. I welcome your suggestions (and everyone's) about how to make this site better and more interesting.

Click on any of the subject areas on the left to explore them. There are a lot of links within this website, so explore them, too. And be sure to look at the the streaming videos about our family, our travels, our home, and "fun stuff". Enjoy your journey.


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