Provide direction, leadership, and team-building, helping the entity focus on change. Clarify new directions, create and implement strategic and tactical plans. Identify opportunities, guide product development and deployment cycles, and employ contemporary technologies to strategic advantage. Primary focus: Retail and Entertainment, Media, & Communications sectors. Advise, mentor, and develop individuals to reach their maximum potential, especially as entrepreneurs.

Please contact me to discuss your interests in my services. Please note that as of 2014, I have retired from actively teaching, as well as from most consulting engagements. I will continue to mentor those with whom I have had a working or teaching relationship in their startup buiness development.

Executive Summary

Executive level management, technology innovation and development, I/T professional services, sales and marketing experience. Selected accomplishments:

Underlying Background

I began my career as a Systems Programmer, working on operating systems, then compilers, then utilities, and then applications development. I have worked in several industries and created solutions for focused needs and for enterprise management. I worked with customers (users) to understand their perspective and their needs, and with executives to understand their objectives. I am, fundamentally, a software developer who has created and built companies, and thereby I have an understanding of and focus on entrepreneurship, and I am centered on the growth and development of people.

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