September, 2002, in Rome &Tuscany, Italy

We went to Rome in September, 2002, and we saw many scenes like those below for 12 days in Rome, Venice, Ravenna, and Tuscany. If you would like to see a twelve-minute video of our trip to Italy in 2002, click here. (Note that it takes a few seconds to load the video - be patient!)

Below: Treste Fountain (“3 coins”) in Rome, and Roma Antiqua (400BC-200AD) ruins near Rome:
Treste Fountain in Rome Roma Antiqua Scene
Below: Chuck on D'Ingheterra Balcony in Rome, and Karen in Tuscany Diabolo Vinyard
Chuck in Hotel Balcony in Rome Karen at Abergo Borgo Pretale<
Below: Karen in Tuscany Diabolo Vinyard
Karen In Tuscany Vinyard

We flew into Rome, stayed at Aberge D'Inghiterra near the Spanish Steps, & toured for three days. Then we trained to Venice and stayed just off St. Mark's Square, and toured two days. We drove to Ravenna for one overnight stay, and then drove through the mountains to Tuscany. We stayed close to Siena, in Sovicille, in a centuries-old farmhouse converted to a small resort called Abergo Borgo Pretale.

It and all of Tuscany was beautiful. We toured wineries, castles, and towns. The food and wine were peerless.

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