August/September, 2009, in Quebec City

We decided to take a “mini-vacation” this Fall, and our choice was Quebec City. Quebec is probably the finest city in North America in terms of charm, pleasant European lifestyle, beauty, cleanliness, safety, and historical interests. Quebec is unique (I know it is an over-used word, but appropriate in this case). It feels French in all the positive ways, and yet has its own charm and friendliness. Not too far away, at least for those of us in the NE USA, yet a world apart from what we are used to. We had a truly wonderful vacation.

We stayed in the unbelievably beautiful, 4-star rated Le Chateau Frontenac. Our room included a section in the top of a turret, which had window views looking up/down and directly over the great St. Lawrence River.

Le Chateau Frontenac - Our Room

We ate at Aux Anciens Canadiens, built in 1677, and had caribou and quail in this ultra-charming place. You can find any cuisine that you seek in Quebec, and the restaurants are uniformly excellent. We walked along Upper Town's quaint streets and along the boardwalk by the Frontenac, overlooking the St. Lawrence river. We took a ferry across the river to Lévis for lunch. We walked through Lower Town streets, visiting museums, shops, and the farmer's market. We walked the historic Plains of Abraham, toured the fortifications around the walled city, watched a parade, and visited the falls at Montmorency. All in all - you must visit this place.

Aux Anciens Canadiens Karen on Deck overlooking the St. Lawrence

Quant Street Standing Guard

Parade Montmorency Falls

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