February/March, 2010, in Grand Cayman Island

Our Winter vacation this year was to the Cayman Islands, where we stayed at the Marriott Beach Resort on Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. The hotel was very nice and the location was great. We walked a lot of places, especially on the beach. Karen (and not Chuck) walked w-a-y up Seven Mile Beach, while Chuck hot-tubbed and/or read on a lounge chair looking out over the waves.

One of the unexpected pleasures of our trip was the high quality of the food. Every meal that we had was at least very good, and many were out-and-out excellent. Our first night, after checking in, we walked up the beach to The Reef Grill, where we sat upstairs. We overlooked the beach and watched the sunset, while we had a very good dinner. I might add that during the entire week I had seafood every single day. Yummy! Our next evening was at Luca, a totally wonderful and romantic place. We sat at a table overlooking the Infinity Pool, the view of which ended looking over the beach to the beautiful sunset (again!). Perfect service, perfect food, perfect view, perfect date. The next night we ate at a more local place, Chicken Chicken. {Note that I had fish for lunch after golf at The Britannia course.} The chicken and sides were very good and inexpensive. We followed that with a dinner at The Cracked Conch, and it was spectacular in both view, service, and food. Yes, I had the cracked conch and it was a delicious appetizer. Next we dined at Fidel Murphy’s Irish Pub, where I had a perfect Guinness pour and great fish ’n chips. Finally, we finished our dining week at the spectacular Osetra Bay. This is a beautiful, beautiful restaurant, bar, and lounge located on the West Bay side, in Morgans Harbour. Karen and I both had the Crab Crusted Grouper as our main course, and it was as good a fish course as I've ever had. We started with different salads and a bottle of Champagne. What a wonderful evening to end our week.

But wait, there is more! As I inferred, we played nine holes of golf at The Brittannia and eighteen holes at The North Sound Club. At each club we were amazed to find literally hundreds of iquanas, some very large Green Iquanas, and some more modest in size. Good thing that they are vegetarians. We also encounted chickens roaming everywhere, including the courses. And you should know that the island is the home of the world’s only turtle farm. The courtyard of the Marriott featured turtles and iquanas roaming around, plus birds of all kindes. We also talked with a parrot, who says to tell you “Hello”.

Saving the very best for last in this little travelogue, we took a boat ride to Sting Ray City, and then to snorkle at a coral reef. I cannot exagerate how clear the water was, and the experience of playing with the sting rays (yes, playing!). They were gentle, brushing against you like St. Bernard puppies would. They are very large, and I actually fed them some squid several times. They come up to you, lift the top of their “face” out of the water, and you present the squid and they suck it out of your hand. Their eyes are looking right at you and they are right in your face. I held one up for a while. Like I said, they are very gentle and used to the humans. And they like their calamari. We snorkled for a while and little fish swam all around us. But the water! Clear, aqua, calm, and warm. This is a “do not miss” experience. Photos below:

Sunset from our balcony Big waves at our beach
Karen on our balcony Chuck reading in the courtyard
Karen swinging through Chuck on the golf course
Large Green Iquana Sting Ray Island
Cruise ships at Georgetown From the air

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