August/September, 2012, in New England

Karen and I had a great driving tour of New England, stopping at her parents’ place in Connecticut, thent o Newport, Rhode Island, and finally to New Hampshire. It was a great time of the year, not quite the dramatic Fall color explosion, but still beautiful warm weather.

In Newport we stayed at the Marriott and looked over the yacht basin and part of the town, pictured below. We could walk to all the sights, and did (for the most part). We took a trip on the catamaran “Privateer”, pictured below. We also took a tour boat that guided us through many scenic and historic places, with a running description by the boat’s captain.

View of harbor from our room Privateer catamaran

While in Newport, of course we toured the famous mansions, which were outrageous displays of ostentatiousness:

One of Newport's fmous mansions Part of the mansion's garden

In Newport we did the beautiful Cliff Walk, and on the way to New Hampshire, We stopped at a car shop that dealt exclusively with restored British sports cars. The car picutred is a 1959 Austin Healey 100/6, which was the model of the first car I bought (mine was black):

Chuck and Karen on the Cliff Walk I was wowed by a restored Austin Healy, like I had once owned.

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