August, 2014, in Stone Harbor, NJ

We took the better part of a beautiful week weather-wise to get our “shore fix” by going to one of our favorite places, Stone Harbor, NJ. We stayed at a very new place, The Reeds at Shelter Haven, which has 37 rooms and suites and overlooks the bay. Our room had a spectacular view, and we enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Below is a view of the bay from our room, and a view of the waves coming in at the beach:
View from Room Beach Scene

The Reeds provided us with a golf-cart-like limo to the beach, where they set up umbrellas and beach chairs and provided us with water and (if we wished) lunch. When we arranged or called, they picked us up and took us back to the hotel. Great service!

We paddle-boarded in the bay using boards that they provided... well, Karen stood and paddled, while I straddled and paddled. The ocean water was warm and inviting, and we romped in the waves, which due to a storm out at sea were pretty continuous and frisky. We took long walks on the beach, always a most relaxing and exhilarating experience, and each morning Karen took a bike ride while I read the paper and had my morning coffee.

We had some very good meals... Spiagetta, Jay’s on Third (oour least favorite of the week), Yvettes Cafe (for lunch), and of course our annual pilmigridge to Carmen’s in Sea Isle for a seafood dinner on the docks. And we had a lunch on the bay at The Reeds, and had pre-dinner drinks there a couple of times to watch the setting sun.

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