September, 2015, in Stone Harbor, NJ

We took our (almost) annual trip to Stone Harbor on the New Jersey coast in early September, starting with Labor Day weekend. We rented a house that we've used several times, along with our close friends, Peter and Dorothy. During the week, other friends joined us for a while. John and Jackie were there early in the week, joined by our friend Rich, who lives in Arizona, but maintains a place near Philadelphia to visit with his family here. His "Bashi" stayed in AZ to care for their horses. All together, it was a very good group and we enjoyed the company.

The house is very near the Stone Harbor "downtown" and is just off the beach. We can see the ocean from the deck, where we enjoyed breakfast and dinner at times. Of course, dining out at the shore is also a treat, and we ate at The Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor for lunch overlooking the bay, Spiaggetta in Stone Harbor for a great Italian feast, Axxelson's Blue Claw in Cape May for a great time and great food, and The Diving Horse in Avalon for a spectacular final dinner. Our location there is just about perfect.

Below are some photos of the trip:

Pete and Dorothy at dinner on our deck; and John and Jackie at the same table:
Pete & Dorothy at dinner on the deck John & Jackie at dinner on the deck
Karen’s spectacular photo of the sunrise at Stone Harbor’s beach; and the deck at The Reeds at Shelter Haven:
Sunrise on the Beach The Reeds at Shelter Haven for lunch

I was limited in my mobility and ability to help in any task by the cast I am wearing resulting from my Achilles tendon surgery. The whole group was very accomodating and helpful, for which I am grateful. Especially helpful was and is Karen, who has been a trooper in anticipating my every need and working her tail off to make sure that I am comfortable. Thank you to all, and especially my Sweetie - who took me to the beach each day to enjoy being on the water and sand without being on the sand. I loved it!

Chuck Enjoying the Beach Scene

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