May 8, 2018

Melania’s “Be Best” Initiative

This in response to Melania Trump's Be Best initative:

How about "Be Real"? It is at least grammatically correct. "Be Best"?!? What the heck does that mean? In which language? In Melania Trump's Slovenian it is "biti najboljši", which translates to "to be the best". That would be correct language and make some sense.

With the horrid behavior, outlandish lies and tweets, erratic behavior, ego-mania, and lack of civility coming from the President, and his merry-go-round of incompetents and jerks, did we have to get "Be Best" from Melania Trump? And her program, it is widely reported, is an extract from a prior program (2014) to which she did not cite.

Okay, it is good that she wants to motivate children. Just don't put make their grammar teachers' jobs that much more difficult. Simply make it "Be the Best". I can live with that.

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