June 20, 2020

So This Is What It Has Come To

So this is what it has come to. Extremism is normal. Nothing in history can be viewed in the context of its time. Science is irrelevent; opinion is fact. Everyone is entitled but no one else is entitled. Discussion is passé; denigration of those with opposing views requires venom. Fervent support of shallow ideas is augmented by ridiculous argument. Everyone belongs to and is identified by their heritage, culture, race, gender identity, religion, residence, and other demographic class, and each non-intersecting group has and/or expects special laws and rights to their favor over every other group.

The political parties of our nation are led by a self-absorbed ignoramus and an unaware ignoramus. One is vile and the other is ineffectual. One wants to rip all of our Constitutional protections out and the other wants to individualize each personís rights into the Constitution; both concepts are both dangerous and absurd. One is a demagogue who destroys our international relationships and alliances, choosing instead to ally with dictators and piriahs, and the other just wants to be everyoneís friend regardless of the costs. One is blind to color and the other is blinded by color.

What are we to do? Letís look within ourselves to find what we actually believe to be true instead of aligning our beliefs to a group (political party) with whom we have affiliated, and rely on our own thoughts. Remember that beliefs are not facts and that ours should be open to examination and modification. Discuss politics - the topic is not child pornography - and learn from your acquaintances in addition to the left- or right-leaning media. And for goodness sake, be aware that the culture as presented on television represents the lowest common denominator and is not aspirational. Whatever you do, do not withdraw from the conversation and just give up.

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