April 24, 2020 - Sheltering In Place

We all know that this is the midst of the Coronavirus (Covad-19) pandemic, and we are all sharing the “Shelter in Place” mandates (when this is being written). Karen and I are doing very well when one considers the possibilities. We are very fortunate to have a very nice home with plenty of space for us to find privacy when desired, and we have made activities to share, as well. We start out the day by reading the morning papers digitally and having our coffee (and generally a bagel for me). We share making the bed, and then get ready for the day. Unlike some others, ahem, we actually get dressed as though things were more normal. We spend time on our computers, iPads, or whatnot and do some reading and play some games. The games include doing puzzles, crossword and classic puzzles, FreeCell, Solitaire, and the like. We generally go for a walk together unless the weather is bad (rain). Our walk might be around the bulk of the RiverCrest Golf Course or up to and around the municipal building area, or simply through our neighborhoods. Karen also rides her bike around the golf course and the neighborhood, sometimes with a well-distanced friend, and on some days she vigorously exercises in the basement on our equipment and her mat. My additional exercise consists of “restraint”.

Our local grocery stores have done a pretty good job of keeping supplies on their shelves, except for disinfectants and protective gear. Karen has replaced me as the primary food shopper, wearing her mask and rubber gloves, and she generally goes to Wegman’s once a week, and occassionally to Redner’s Warehouse Market. We haven't missed having good food to eat, and do almost all of our own cooking - mostly balanced meals. We do take-out once a week, having tried Firebirds, Rocco’s Pizza, China Wok, and Bonjung Sushi. As of this week, RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve is also doing take-out three days a week. So far, so good. We also really appreciate how good our national logistics systems operate, as we order goods from Amazon and others. For example, we were concerned about the PA State Stores being closed and ordered a dozen bottles of wine from Wente and they arrived within a week. Karen orders goods for her 98-year-old father, who lives in his own home in Connecticut, and those arrive a day or so after the order. By the way, he has 7 x 24 support, and Karen’s brother Larry is local to help. So, he is okay so far.

We each keep in touch with our family and friends, and with some of the organizations we are committed to supporting. So, like most others, we have been actively phoning, Skyping, Facetiming, and Zooming individuals and groups, almost on a daily basis. I had used Zoom as an online teaching facility late in my teaching at Penn State, so I was familiar with it. I do like the interface and the quality of its execution. One of our favorite Zoom meetings is our Friday PM Happy Hour Zoom with two or three other couples. We chat over drinks for about an hour, catching up with each other during the Shelter period. I believe that post-Covad-19 Zoom socializing will continue to some extent.

Below: a screen-shot of one of our Happy Hour Zooms with Pete and Dorothy, and Jerry and Kate:
Happy Hour

We celebrated our 24th Anniversary last week, and it was the first time we did not go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate. We ordered take-out from BonJung Sushi, and had a bottle of Champagne on ice. We dressed up and had dinner in our dining room (not the nook next to the kitchen where we normally eat). I surprised Karen with some engraved Titlist Pro-V golf balls, and we took a selfie to commemorate the event.

Below: Karen and me in our anniversary pose:

Below: Our anniversary sushi dinner, and Karen’s golf balls:
Dinner Golf Balls

Hopefully this won’t last too long and things will return to normal for everyone, or even better than the prior normal.

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