April 29, 2020 - Welcoming Spring This Year

In the face of the Covad-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and our sheltering in place, we have Springtime! It gives us both hope for the future and great joy in the rebirth that Spring represents. Karen and I have been walking the neighborhood and the golf course which our community surrounds, and we have have delighted in the beautiful tree blossoms and other of nature’s gifts. The animals are out in great number as humans are holed up. We have seen and heard others report of the fox population venturing into our yards, beyond their normal scampering in the woods and the golf course. The birds have come back, seemingly unaware or unconcerned about the virus we ourselves are in fear of infection. We have the many bluebirds homing in the nests place all along the golf course, and we have the large heron family, bright red cardinals, and a myriad of other species. And the ever present deer population continues to scamper about.

Below: The deer scampering on hole 1 of RiverCrest; and the bluebirds setting up house:
Deer Bluebirds

But it is the blossoming trees and shrubs that are the hallmark. We are blessed with tree-lined streets, with beautiful Bradford pear trees, kousa and other dogwoods, and others. We have a few beautiful rhododendron bushes around our property.

Below: The trees blossoming along Golf Club Drive; and our rhododendron:
Trees Blossoming Rhododendron

Our home is surrounded by trees that have matured and are beautiful. In our back, we have are lined with red oak, silver maple, paper birch, kousa dogwood, Bradford pear, and a variety of evergreen species, four of which tower above the house. With the landscaping freshly tended, the place looks inviting.

Pear Tree Our House

The point is, while we are mandated to stay home and are restricted in our movement, even that does not stop our appreciation of the natural beauty of life going on. Enjoy Spring and stay safe.

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