Update, January, 1014: I have finally retired from actively teaching, with the Fall, 2013, class as my last course. I am staying on as a member of the Management Advisory Council. I truly appreciate the eleven years that I have been fortunate enough to have taught at Penn State Great Valley. See this for some other information.

Previously posted: I am Professor of Management at The Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies. My status is not “tenure track”, but as a fixed appointment for each course - aka “part-time” or “adjunct” faculty. I teach BUSAD 511 - New Ventures 1 two or three times a year, which is one of the core courses required for the MBA New Ventures degree. It focuses on the pre-emergence and early stages of the venture. About once a year I teach BUSAD 522 - New Ventures 2, which is a case study based course about the early growth stage of the venture, emphasizing legal, financial, marketing, and management issues. I also teach BUSAD 575 - Developing Technology Ventures (formerly “High Tech Venture Development”), which is focused on the special aspects of creating and nurturing a technology-based business, including innovation and creativity; finding and securing adequate funding; building the team; and assessing and creating marketplace value in the technology. A number of contemporary case studies are an important part of the course. I have also taught Entrepreneurship at the undergraduate level at The Philadephia Center. See more on this by selecting the Teaching Activities button or by clicking here.

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