The Urbons

Karen's Family

Bill & Charlotte Urbon & their kids/grandkids

Karen's Mom & Dad are Charlotte & Bill Urbon, who live in Connecticut. Her older brother is Larry, and her younger brother is Billy. Billy is married to Lee and they have two beautiful kids: Ryan and Allison (Ali). They live in the Chicago area, where Bill is an executive with Underwriters Labs and travels the world. Larry is a science teacher at a private school in Greenwich, CN, and is an outstanding guitarist, specializing in gypsy jazz. You should get his album. See him at his web site.

Ryan and Ali are very athletic and active in sports. Both have good size and a good mind for their respective interests. Ryan was 6'3" at age 15, so he is tall like his dad. Ali is also fairly tall. They are attactive, fun to be around, good students, and above all, good people.

Update: 6/11/2010 - Ryan is at the University of New Hampshire (or is it Vermont? Jes' kiddin') and Alli has graduated from 7th grade and is looking all grown up. See new photos below.

Alli with her grandmom Charlotte, and with Karen. The gorgeous Urbon girls.
Allison with Charlotte Allison with Karen

Allison ready for her graduation & The Urbons of Chicago, with Charlotte minus Ryan.
Allison for her graduation The Urbon Clan in Chicago

Earlier photos...

Ryan with Karen's Mom, Charlotte, at Party to Celebrate Ryan's H.S. Graduation
Charlotte (Karen's Mom) and Ryan

Bill and Lee's Dog
Bill & Lee's Dog

Ryan Urbon, Karen's nephew (her brother Bill's son) at his high school prom, looking sharp, May, 2008
Ryan Urbon at his prom

Bill & Lee with Ryan and Ali and Karen at our house, March 2007
The Chicago Urbons

Bill and Charlotte Urbon, Thanksgiving, 2005
Bill and Charlotte Urbon

Karen and her parents, Bill & Charlotte Urbon
Urbon Portrait

Karen & Allison, her Niece by Billy & Lee
Karen and Allison

Lee, Ali, & Ryan at Lee's Birthday
Lee,  Alison,  & Ryan

Larry's Cafe Music site
Larry's Cafe-Music site

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